Express Titanium Putty

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Rapid Setting putty for sealing active leakages

A rapidly solidifying repair system containing Resin and quick setting Hardener which after mixing sets within 5 minutes. The fast curing putty is oil surface tolerant and moisture surface tolerant. In general the metal surfaces are susceptible to the leakages due to corrosion or faulty weld or porous structures.

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Features of Express Titanium Putty

  • Prevent environmental damage caused by leakages
  • Prevents profit decline due to leakages of oil and gas which is very expensive
  • Accommodates cyclic thermal expansion and contraction
  • Requires no heat
  • Fast, cost effective and durable
  • Efficient alternate method of repair where welding or brazing would be undesirable or impossible
  • Can Repair Intricate shape or forms/thin sections, difficult to weld metals
  • No VOC’s and No Shrinkage

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Where to Use?

  • Pipeline leakage repair
  • Storage vessel leakages
  • Radiator fins oil leakages
  • Bushing oil leakages
  • Top cover of transformer lids oil leakages
  • Bolt&thread connection oil leakages
Product Specification Details
Pack Size Kg 1
COVERAGE @ 5mm thickness - cm2/pack size/thickness 1100 Cm2 / kg / 5 mm
Color and Apperance ASTM D 1544 - Dark Grey & Thick paste
Specific Gravity ASTM D 1475-98 - 1.3
Mix Ratio By Weight Manual - 1(R):1(H)
Mix Ratio By Volume Manual - 1(R):1(H)
Pot Life @ 30°C IS 101 min 3
Functional Cure ASTM D 1640 Hrs 6
Compressive Strength ASTMD 695 N/mm2 25
Adhesive Shear Strength ASTM D1002 N/mm2 14