Ceramic Carbide Putty

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Ceramic Carbide Putty against fine particle abrasion

2 pack non-sagging, trowel applied epoxy putty is extensively used for repairing and protecting surfaces against abrasive attack. SavesPast CCP is containing maximum load of high alumina ceramic beads and silicon carbide designed to give maximum abrasion resistance. The product offers maximum performance against entrained particulate abrasion, constant vibration, and wearing surface abrasion.

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Features of Ceramic Carbide Putty

  • Fast,cost effective and durable
  • Good resistance to abrasion, friction reduction and hence ideal for turn-around time.
  • The product may be applied to any unlimited thickness onto horizontal or vertical surfaces
  • Efficient alternate method of repair where welding or brazing would be undesirable or impossible
  • Can Repair Intricate shape or forms/thin sections, difficult to weld metals
  • No equipment/Power supply needed
  • Unlimited cycle of repairs
  • Less Labor costs - Avoid assembly/disassembly, Pre Machining/Post Machining Resistant to chemicals and most acids, bases, solvents, and alkalis.
  • Superior adhesion – forms a solid bond to steel, cast iron,
  • Stainless steel, concrete, and clean and abraded bronze, copper, and aluminum.
  • Eliminates costly wear part inventory
  • No shrinkage, expansion or distortion
  • Excellent electrical insulation characteristics
  • Can do repairs at In-situ repair, In-Plant, Workshops, Remote areas
  • No VOC’s
  • Routine Maintenance and Unexpected Maintenance
  • Repair cost at fraction of replacement cost

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Where to Use?

  • Agitator blades Vessels
  • Chutes Conveyor belting
  • Rollers Screens
  • Fans lining
  • Cyclone and separator bodies
  • Dust collectors and exhausters
  • Fan blades and housings
  • Repairing worn pump housings
  • Preventing cavitation to condenser water boxes
  • Rebuilding pump impellers
  • Rebuilding condenser tube sheets area
  • Compressor & oil coolers
  • Ash & slurry pump
  • Screw conveyors
  • Transmission pan covers
  • Oil pan covers
  • Circulating water equipment
  • Bow Thrusters
  • T Pieces
  • Coal Pulveriser
  • Ash handling pipes and valves
  • Seperators
  • Vibrating feeders
  • Screw feeders
Product Specification Details
Pack Size Kg 1
Coverage - cm2/pack size/thickness 800 Cm2 / kg / 5 mm
Color and Apperance ASTM D 1544 - Dark Grey & Thick paste
Specific Gravity ASTM D 1475-98 - 2.1
Mix Ratio By Weight Manual - R(4):H(1)
Mix Ratio By Volume Manual - -
Pot Life @ 30°C IS 101 min 30
Functional Cure ASTM D 1640 Hrs 16
Compressive Strength ASTMD 695 N/mm2 88
Adhesive Shear Strength ASTM D1002 N/mm2 16.5